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What to Write on your Communion Invitation?

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What to Write on your Communion Invitation? Utterly Printable

Taking your first holy communion is a rite of passage in the catholic church, the Lutheran church and in some segments of the Anglican church. It is seen as a big milestone in your child’s religious life as it marks a new level of spiritual understanding and participation for the child within their church. As such, it is often a cause for celebration.

Families typically host a party after the religious ceremony to mark the occasion with their loved ones. And the communion invitation card you print is often kept as a memento of this milestone. Planning your child’s first communion can seem like a daunting task, that is why we’ve put together this simple guide on everything you need to know about writing and sending out first communion invitations.

Gold first holy communion invite

Golden first holy communion invite

Who to invite to your child’s first communion?

There are two parts to your child’s first communion celebration, the first is the religious ceremony and the second is the party afterwards. Many families choose to invite a smaller group to the religious ceremony followed by a larger celebration afterwards. This is in part due to number restrictions as first communion services often have more than one child receiving communion on the day and therefore space will be somewhat limited.

Prior to sending out your invitations it is best to check with your religious leader as to how many guests it is appropriate for you to invite, but most will be limited to close family members and a select few friends who have significant meaning in your child’s life – godparents and guardians for example. For the celebration of your child’s communion afterwards, it is entirely up to you who to invite and will depend on what kind of celebration you’re planning on. Some choose to have a large celebration, using it as an opportunity to bring all of their loved ones together whereas others prefer to keep it amongst their fellow Catholics who understand the religious significance of the ceremony. For others, it will be just a family affair. There are no set rules when it comes to planning the first communion, so you are free to make the day exactly what you and your child want it to be.

When to send out your first holy communion invitations?

Cheap first holy communion invitation

Cheap first holy communion invitation

Typically, we recommend sending out your communion invitations between four to six weeks before the big day. This should give most people enough notice to be able to attend but without it being so far away that they forget. If you have family or friends who will be travelling and staying for the occasion, then it is best to give them as much notice as possible so they can plan accordingly. As your child will likely spend months receiving religious instruction in preparation for the ceremony then it is likely that you will know the date far in advance.

 What information should you include in your invitation?

Who is the invitation for? Make sure you specify whether you’re inviting the whole family or just the adults to the celebration by addressing the envelope to the exact people you’re inviting, much like with a traditional wedding invitation.

Who is receiving first communion? This goes without saying that you need to include the name of the child who will be receiving first communion on the invitation.

What are you inviting your guests to? Make sure it is clear to your guest exactly what they are being invited to. The religious ceremony and the celebration afterwards, or just to one? This makes sure there is no confusion and subsequent embarrassment for either the hosts or the guests on the day. It is common to include two invitations in the envelope, one for the religious ceremony and one for the party afterwards, however if you’re inviting all of your guests to both then this is not necessary.

When and where? Make sure you include the date and time of the events and the full address of both the church and the location for the celebration afterwards if relevant.

RSVP details? Include the necessary details of how you would like your guests to RSVP, whether that’s an email address, telephone number or an online RSVP service. Also include the date you would like to hear from them by, so you have plenty of time to prepare for the party.

How to choose an invitation design.

When choosing the perfect invitation design for your child’s first communion then you need to consider what theme you would like to portray. Some families prefer a simple and traditional invitation with religious wording and aesthetics, whereas other families prefer a more playful and personal invitation using a favourite photograph of their child. Whatever your preferences are, we are sure you will find the perfect invitation design for your family and will be able to look back on it for years to come as a memento of a wonderful celebration of religion and your child.

For after your son or daughter’s first holy communion celebration, why not send out your gratitude in style. We have a charming range of affordable communion thank you cards ready for you to personalise online.