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Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve put together this page to help you make the most of the Utterly Printable service. Below is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding our designs, templates, printing service, and products.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then please get in touch with us at, and we’ll be able to help right away.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept payment through MasterCard and Visa (both debit and credit cards). Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express at this time. All card payments are processed securely on our website.

Help! I’m having problems paying!

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have entered your payment information correctly. Especially, please make sure that the billing address you have supplied matches the card you are using. If the problem persists then, please do not worry, simply contact us at or by phone on 0800 0588 500 and we’ll help rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Can I pay using PayPal?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept payment via PayPal at this time.

Can I pay for my order over the phone?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to process payments over the phone.

How do I get a VAT receipt for my order?

Your receipt will be automatically emailed to you once we have received your payment. This PDF will include a full breakdown of all VAT elements.

What is your returns policy for printed items?

If you’ve received your order and you feel the quality if not what it should be, or if your order was damaged during delivery, then please let us know right away by contacting Please include a description and basic photos of the issues, and we will resolve or refund any problems as soon as possible. Please note, however, that because our printed items are bespoke products, we are not able to refund orders where an error was made when adding information or photos.

What is your returns policy for download only items?

In the unlikely circumstance that you receive a corrupted design file having made a payment, please let us know right away by contacting and we will rectify the situation. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue refunds for templates that have been incorrectly designed by the customer.

How do I get a refund or replacement for my order?

Once the description and photos of your faulty items have been received and analysed, we will process your refund within 2-3 working days. We will return the full charge of your order to the card used to make payment.

If you are having your order reprinted, we will process your order on a 2-3 working day turnaround. Unfortunately, there is no current way of expediting this process.

How long will my refund take?

Please allow 2-3 working days for funds to appear in your account.

How do I create an account?

Simple! Just click the “Sign in” link in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. If you do not have an account already, then you will be guided through the easy sign-up process. However, please be aware that you can browse and start designing your template without having an account.

Where can I access my account?

You can access your account from the top right-hand corner of most pages on this website. Simply click the “Sign in” link to get going.

Help! I can't login to my account!

Not to worry. There are several reasons why this might be the case. The quickest way to resolve this is to get in touch with us at, and we’ll get everything sorted for you.

Help! I've forgotten my password!

If you’ve misplaced or forgotten your password, then do not worry. Simply click the “I’ve forgotten my password” link next to the login panel and enter your email address. You will be sent an email right away telling you how to reset your password.

Can I view my previous orders?

Yes. In your account section, you can see the details of all of your previous orders.

Can I reorder a previous order without starting from square one?

Artwork from previous orders will remain in your account for up to 1 month. After that period, old files will be removed from our server. So yes, you will be able to reorder previous artwork as long as it’s within 1 month of the original order.

Where can I sign up for your newsletter?

You will see the sign-up box for our newsletter at the bottom of our homepage. Simply enter your email address and will add you to our mailing list!

How do I stop receiving emails from Utterly Printable?

At the bottom of each of our emails, you will see the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter list. Simply click this link to follow the quick unsubscribe process.

I would like to close my account?

Not a problem. Simply contact us at, and we will close your account within 2-3 working days.

What are your delivery costs?

The majority of our orders are sent out with DPD’s next day delivery service. The charge for this courier service is £7 plus VAT. We will add this delivery charge to your order during the checkout process.

For some of our printed items, you will also be given the option to use Royal Mail’s parcel service. For more information, please visit our shipping and turnaround page.

What are your turnaround times for print orders?

Once we have received your order, the total time to delivery is 3-4 working days for flat and folded cards; or 4-5 working days for stapled order of service. For our standard delivery tier, please note that the print deadline on any given working day is 6pm.

Where is my order?

You will receive a tracking link in your order confirmation email. This link will let you know how your order is progressing and when it is due to arrive. If this is not the case, then please contact us at

Do you offer same day delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service.

Can I have my order delivered overseas?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service on our website. Please contact us at if you’d like to discuss bespoke delivery options.

Can I cancel my order or make an alteration to my design?

In most cases, it is not possible to alter or cancel your order once it you have confirmed and paid for it online. However, please contact us at, and we will do our best to work out a resolution.

Can you deliver on a Saturday?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service.

Do you deliver or dispatch orders on Bank Holidays or weekends?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service. We do not operate on bank holidays or weekends.

Can I order envelopes with my printed items?

You most certainly can. For all of our correspondence items (invitations, thank you cards, desk stationery, etc.) you will automatically be given the opportunity to add envelopes to your order. All of our envelopes are white, on 150gsm with diamond fold flaps. However, you will be offered several different lined styles from which to choose.

Where can I check my order status?

You can check your order’s status from your account section. Simply click on the order you are looking to track, and you will be able to see the order status. If you do not, or if your order is not at the stage that you think it should be at, then please email us at, and we will look into it for you.

When will my order be printed?

In most instances, your artwork and details will be forwarded straight to the print house once you have placed your order. From there, it will take 3-4 working days to be printed and packaged (4-5 working days for stapled items, e.g., an order of service).

Help! I’ve put the wrong address on my order. Can I change it?

We will always do our best to help in situations such as this. However, please note that our print service is highly automated, so it is not always possible to change details after a certain point of production. Please let us know as soon as you realise by emailing We will let you know as soon as possible if it has been possible to change your address.

Something is missing from my order. What should I do?

Firstly, please check your invoice, account section, and confirmation email to make sure that you included the missing item at the point of ordering. If there is definitely something missing, please get in touch with us right away, and we will make sure that the missing element is couriered to you as soon as possible.

Where can I track my order?

You will be able to track your order from the account section of our website. As well, we will send you tracking details we have dispatched your order.

I’ve had a message saying that my order is paused. Why and what now?

In most instances, we will have paused your order because there is an issue with your delivery address. If you have received a message, or you see your order status as paused, please get in touch with, and we’ll get things going again.

How are the cards printed?

We produce all of our printed items on an industry-leading HP Indigo 10,000 digital printing press. This printer gives an excellent level of colour replication and detail. For more information, please visit our print service page.

Can I include envelopes with my order?

You most certainly can! Once you’ve finished customising your template, you can add envelopes to your order. We have several beautiful designs on offer so you can find one that matches nicely with your print.

What paper and card stocks do you use?

We offer 3 premium card stocks for you to choose from.

Firstly, we have the 324gsm Mohawk card from the renowned paper smith GF Smith. This card has a lovely light texture, uncoated finish and warm just-off-white tone to it.

Next, we have a 350gsm Genyous card stock. This comes in a pure white tone with a traditional uncoated finish. It represents excellent value for money.

Finally, we have super thick 650gsm Multiloft card. This board is double ply, so it gives an incredibly premium, uncoated effect. It is perfect for wedding invitations. Unfortunately, this card stock is not available for folded cards or order of service: it is too thick to fold!

For more information, please visit our print service page.

What sizes are your different products?

We have a range of different sizes available across the site, but most of them have been standardised or kept to the traditional size for that item. For example, our save the dates are at the conventional size of A6, and our wedding invitations are A5. This also makes matching envelopes (should you be sourcing your own) very easy. If you’d like to find the size of the product you’re interested in then simply click on the “product information” link next to the design.

What paperweight are your envelopes?

The envelopes we offer are 150gsm uncoated.

What colour are your envelopes?

Currently, all of our envelopes are brilliant white. However, we offer premium envelopes with a printed inner section. You can explore these options during the checkout process.

How does the download only service work?

We have designed our download service as an alternative to our print offering. In essence, it allows you to design, edit, and personalise your template and simply download it onto your computer.

The idea with this service is that many customers have printers they trust already or would like to print their stationery themselves at home. This service is here to support that need.

How much does the download only service cost?

We have a flat fee of £7.50 for the download-only service.

How will my files be supplied?

Once you have been through the checkout process, you will be able to download your customised template as a PDF. We will also email a link to your design files to you.

In terms of format, the files you receive will be completely print ready. They will have a 3mm bleed and a resolution of 300dpi. Everything you need to complete your DIY print job.

How long will my files remain in my account?

Your files will remain in your account for a minimum of 1 month. After this time, we will remove them from the server. We aim to keep hold of all design off-server so please get in touch if you would like us to send them over.

Can I save my design?

Yes, you can: if you need to leave your design halfway through then simply click the “save” button on the design module page. If you are not already signed in, then the website will prompt you to log in to your account. Your design progress will be saved to your account, and you will be able to return to it later on by visiting your accounts page.

Can I upload my own design?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service.

Does Utterly Printable offer custom designs?

Yes, we do! Simply get in touch with us at, and see what we can offer!

Will I be able to write on my printed item?

Yes, you will. All of our card stocks are uncoated meaning that everything from ballpoint to fountain pens will work.

How do I upload a photo to my design?

It’s really easy to upload photos to your design. If you’ve selected an item that’s designed to hold a photo, then all you have to do is click on that box in the design module. You will be automatically prompted to choose a photo from your computer to upload. Simply upload your chosen photo, scale, and position to complete the process.

You can even upload a photo to items that haven’t been designed to hold one. Simply click on the “photo” section of the design module and upload your picture. You are then able to drag this directly onto your design. Simple!

Will my photo be sharp enough?

This question is very important and very much down to you. Please check the resolution of your photos before you upload them to the design. As a rule of thumb, if they look pixelated or low resolution on the screen, then they will print up at the same quality. If you would like us to check your photos before you upload them, then please email us at

Where can I select the number of copies I would like to order?

This is the next step after designing your product. Just select the number of copies you would like to order from the dropdown menu.

Can you post my printed invitations direct to my guests?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service.

Help! I think I’ve received someone else’s order!

This can, unfortunately, happen sometimes. We are hugely sorry. Please contact us right away at, and we will look into the parcel you’ve received. We will also check the status of your order.

I’ve found a Wedding Invitation I like. Do you offer matching RSVP cards and inserts?

Yes! In the majority of cases, you will find save the dates, wedding invitations, RSVP cards, and information inserts that all match. We call this a “wedding suite”. They can be ordered alongside each other or at different times.

I can’t find a matching RSVP or insert for the invitation I like. Why?

Unfortunately, not all designs come as part of a matching suite. We do encourage you to browse through our designs as you might well find something that fits the bill anyway.

Can I order a sample of my invitation, card, or order of service?

You most certainly can, and we encourage you to take advantage of our sampling service before placing your full run. It will allow you to make sure that you’re happy with the card stock, design layout, and colours.

How much do you charge for a sample?

If you’re ordering flat or folded cards, then we charge a fee of £5 for a printed sample. If you’re ordering a multi-paged order of service, then this price goes up to £7.50.

How will my sample be sent to me?

We will send your sample in an envelope using Royal Mail. The cost of postage is included in the prices above.

When will my sample arrive?

We will deliver samples within 2-3 working days of ordering.


Utterly Printable is owned and operated by SP Print Consultancy Ltd.

Utterly Printable is a registered trademark.

What is Utterly Printable’s Address?

You can address all correspondence to Utterly Printable, 24 Friary Road, Wraysbury, Middx., TW19 5JP.

What is your VAT number?

Our VAT number is 258 9510 69

What is your registered company number?

Our Registered company number is 09113859