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Utterly Printable Glossary

Let's go through some common bits of stationery, design & printing jargon

The World of great quality stationery printing brings with it a mountain of unusual jargon. This glossary page is here to help you wade through this quagmire of terminology. We promise it will make the printing of top-notch wedding invitations, baby thank you cards, wedding order of service and everything else on our site all the more easier! Let’s begin!



This is a popular page size as defined by the ISO international standard for paper sizes. What does that mean to you and me? Well, it’s a half page of A4…which is a size almost all of us will be familiar with.

A5 invitations and cards are perhaps the most popular on our site. A5 card is the most traditional size for wedding invitations, and we think it is the best size for folded wedding thank you cards (plenty of room to write a nice message).

A5 sizes up as 210mm x 148mm. And for those of you buying matching envelopes with your cards, invitations or announcements, it is worth knowing that A5 cards fit into C5 envelopes.


As with the definition for A5 above, A6 is a traditional page size defined by ISO 216. It is internationally recognised as a classic paper format. It is exactly half the size of an A5 card, measuring up at 148mm x 105mm.

We have a great range of A6 baby announcement cards in our births and children section. A lot of our affordable wedding thank you cards are also A6 in size (when folded).


Following on from the definitions of A5 and A6 above, it might not amaze you to learn that A7 is again an internationally recognised page size defined by ISO 216. It is half the size of A6 and measures up at 74mm x 105mm.

On our website, A7 items are found almost exclusively in our range of wedding RSVP cards. They’re designed to be sent out with your wedding invitation so guests can give you information about dietary requirements and attendance.