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Everything you need to know about sending a change of address card

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Everything you need to know about sending a change of address card Utterly Printable

Why write a change of address card?

Elegant change of address card

Elegant change of address card

Also known as a ‘new address announcement’, a change of address card is the perfect way to let your friends and family know that you’re moving home and what your new address will be. Many of us will move to a new house at least twice in our adult lives and it is important that every time we do, we let our nearest and dearest know where we are moving to. A change of address card may seem slightly old school to many of you, something from the same era as keeping a paper address book, but it is a lovely and traditional method that not only lets everyone know your new address but also extends an invitation for them to visit you allowing you the opportunity to show your new abode off, once the builders and decorators are gone of course. We’re told that purchasing and moving home is one of lives most stressful experiences, however it can also be one of your greatest accomplishments. Years of saving followed by months of searching for the perfect home for your family are finally concluded with weeks of paperwork and discussions and deadlines all culminating in the day where you have to pack up everything you own, transport it to a new location and then commit to living out of brown boxes for the foreseeable future. So, after all this time, money, effort and in many cases, sanity, it makes sense that new homeowners are proud to show off the results of their hard work with a printed change of address card.

What to write on your change of address card?

Simple moving home card

Simple moving home card

The etiquette to writing a change of address card is to make sure it is informative but sweet and simple. You can either include the names of the entire family who will be moving or keep it simple and use just the family name, for example ‘The Smiths’. Obviously, it goes without saying that you should include your full new address, as this will be the one people send letters to or type into their sat nav, so make sure it’s correct. Additional extras can include a sweet message about how you hope the recipients will visit you soon as well as further contact details such as your new telephone number, mobile number or email address. When thinking about the design make sure that it reflects your family’s personality, some prefer a simple and elegant card where others go for something more colourful and joyful. Have a look at our extensive collection of change of address designs here. We’re sure that you will find the perfect one for your family.

Who to send your change of address card to?

When thinking about who to send your change of address card to then it’s usually a good idea to start with your Christmas card list! However, if you’re like the growing percentage of the population who have turned away from the tradition of sending a Christmas card then this process can be a little more difficult. Our top tip is to make a list of all those people who regularly send birthday cards or gifts and then work outwards from there. Make sure you include all friends and family members who you would like to visit you and any old neighbours who have kindly agreed to forward on lost post.  A good general rule when you’re making your list is if you would happily go for a beer one to one with this person then send them a card.

Below we have included a couple of word templates for you to use when writing your change of address card:

Change of Address Template 1:

David, Karen, Natasha and Sam
Have moved to
88 Guild Street,
NW10 3DW
Come visit us soon!

Change of Address Template 2:

We’ve moved!
88 guild street,
NW10 3DW
With love,
The Smythson family