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3 Photo Filters to Add a Romantic Touch to Your Photos

Words by Utterly Printable

3 Photo Filters to Add a Romantic Touch to Your Photos Utterly Printable

We love high quality photos. They just look so brilliant on our photo wedding invitations, save the date cards and wedding thank yous. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of your photographic efforts.

Taking romantic photographs with a partner can be a very enjoyable activity. The complexities of human relationships means that we are all particularly interested in memories, and things to remember each other by. When you have that special someone in your life, you want to be thinking about them all the time, and you want heartfelt and tender memories of them to carry with you wherever you go. So a romantic photo can be great in that respect.

To try and help you take the best romantic photos, we are taking a look at three different photo filters to help add that romantic touch. Beautiful photos of couples work extremely well on all manner of printed stationery. In particular though, try yours out on our collection wedding save the dates with photos, wedding invitations with photos, or wedding thank you cards. Let begin!

A Red Hue

3 Photo Filters to Add a Romantic Touch to Your Photos Utterly PrintableSometimes, the simplest options are the best. With a bit of photo manipulation and software, it’s easy to add a red hue to your photographs. It doesn’t have to be a powerful one, but something subtle, something that you appreciate without taking away from the main focus, which is you and your partner.

Red is the colour of passion, the colour of love. It’s associated with warm, romantic feelings. So having that red-ish background brings a super special touch!


3 Photo Filters to Add a Romantic Touch to Your Photos Utterly PrintableThis is a bit of an interesting filter. A lot of people tie it directly into the musical genre, but when you want to take romantic photos, the results can be spectacular. You see, the main aspect of a lo-fi filter is that it creates a very vibrant photo. By playing around with the saturation of the photo, the contrast between the different colours, and the warmth of the photo, you can make a very vibrant and colourful image. This can really help to give the situation a much livelier and more romantic feel.

Think about it like this. When you’re with your partner, everything seems brighter, happier, more vibrant. You’re in love, and the world seems beautiful. This filter really reflects that!

Love Hearts and Roses

3 Photo Filters to Add a Romantic Touch to Your Photos Utterly PrintableA romantic filter really helps to create a sense of connection between you and your partner. That’s right, we are talking about roses, love hearts, cute little swirls in the background. Everything that reminds you of love, and all the beautiful, passionate feelings that come from that. It can be quite a cliché filter, it can be quite an overused filter, but it is definitely a good one.

Square wedding invitation with photo

A square wedding invitation with colour photo

So, in conclusion, these are just a few of the different options that you have available to you when it comes to filters to help make romantic photos. Understandably, you really want to try and create an image which is going to make you feel happy long after it’s been taken…especially if it’s going to find its way onto your wedding invitation! It’s a celebration of your love, and so you have to make sure you have the right filter for it. This can definitely take time, but it is worth it if you play around with different filters and find the one that works for you. After all, this is your romance, so what works for you will be unique to you.