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Are Save the Dates the Same as Wedding Invitations?

Words by Utterly Printable

Are Save the Dates the Same as Wedding Invitations? Utterly Printable

Wedding save the date cards are fairly new to the UK market, they are a tradition from America, but have become popular here. To clear up the confusion from the get-go, Save the Date cards and wedding invitations are two completely different pieces of wedding stationery. Look at it this way, a wedding invitation is a necessity whereas a Save the Date card is more of a personal choice but highly advisable to ensure all your guests are free on your big day.

Save the Date

Photo Save the date for wedding

Photo Save the dates for a wedding

Compared to your wedding invitation your Save the Date card has a lot less information. Of course, it’s important you send them only to people that will be on your wedding guest list as it’s terribly bad etiquette to not follow up such an announcement with an invitation later on. It doesn’t matter at this stage if you haven’t finalised your wedding stationery or even your colour scheme as a Save the Date card is informal and fun. You’re basically letting everyone know the date and venue of your wedding, so they know to keep their diary free for you and it can be sent any time from 4 to 6 months before your wedding. Any closer and you’ve probably missed your window of opportunity and should just leave it. Save the Date cards are very popular in a postcard style and only need the basic information such as the bride and groom’s name and the venue and of course the all-important date. You will see from our range of Save the Dates these can include personalised photographs, perhaps of the proposal or the wedding location.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation with floral eucalyptus design

Wedding invitation with floral eucalyptus design

A much more formal affair, your wedding invitation is likely to match the colour scheme and tone of the rest of your wedding decor and contains all the vital information. It gives you a chance to let your guests know when they are expected, what the menu might be.  For some people menu planning is included with the wedding invitation so that you can ensure you cater correctly for guests including those with food intolerances or allergies. Your wedding invitations need to be in the mail 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding as people still need time to prepare. Depending on whether you are including menu choices your wedding invitation might be a book fold, or still might fit on one sheet of paper with wedding information on the front, and menu planning on the back. Traditionally these do not include photographs of the couple but of course it’s your wedding and you can if you want, but we have a wide selection and cater to every need.


Just as a side note, your wedding invitation should also contain an official RSVP card and return envelope. You would not offer any RSVP facility for the Save the Date card as guests can actually let you know their availability once the invite arrives. If you are offering menu choices, you need to have space on the RSVP for guests to clearly state their preferences leaving your catering in no doubt as to what is required. Your response card should also, ideally, match your wedding invitation stationery.