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Check out our range of announcements and invitations designed specifically for WhatsApp and text message. We currently offer digital stationery for the following occasions: births, christenings, weddings, and funerals. Spreading big news has never been easier.

Floral digital wedding invitation displayed on smartphone
Wedding Invitations For WhatsApp & Text

Create your very own WhatsApp wedding invitation with our online designer tool.

Digital photo save the date for WhatsApp displayed on iPhone screen
Wedding Save The Dates For WhatsApp & Text

Save the date for your wedding in seconds with our digital text message save the date templates.

Modern floral WhatsApp christening invitation design
Christening Invitations For WhatsApp & Text

Get your friends to the church on time with our christening invitations designed specifically for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp birth announcement design with baby photo and yellow banner on white background
Birth Announcements For WhatsApp & Text

Got some lovely news? Spread the word of your new baby's arrival with our electronic birth announcements.

Online funeral invitation design displayed on smartphone with photo
Funeral Invitations For WhatsApp & Text

Trying to work our how to invite people to a funeral? Try our text message funeral invitations and RSVP templates.

A selection of smartphone screens showing various features of a digital RSVP service

from Utterlyprintable

Our digital RSVP service,, makes planning weddings, parties and funerals a breeze. Create an invite in seconds and keep track of replies, including options for sub-events, menu choices, and password protection. Send out your digital RSVP link in a way that suits you - WhatsApp, text message, e-mail, social media, or as part of your printed stationery. All without having to upload your guest list at any point. What could be easier?


All of our digital templates have been specifically designed for sending out by SMS, iMessage, text message and WhatsApp. We think this modern twist on classic stationery is a great way of sharing important news with your friends and family. We hope you do too!

The Benefits of WhatsApp Stationery:

Quick & Easy

Send out your invitations & announcements from your smartphone in just seconds. All of cour digital templates are offered with an RSVP service so you can electronically keep track of your guests.

Budget Friendly

Design your invitations for WhatsApp right here on our website for just £14.50. Substantially cheaper than any stationery printing alternative.


Our text message invitations and announcements have virtually zero carbon footprint. They’re a great eco-friendly alternative to traditionally printed invites.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Create Your Electronic Invite Online
    Create your template online using our online designer. All the invitation and announcement designs are already formatted to best fit standard smartphone screens. This means they’ll look their absolute best when sent out by text, SMS and WhatsApp.
  • 2. Choose Our Free Digital RSVP Service
    We have a completely free digital RSVP service. We’ll provide you with a link you can send out along with your electronic invite. Once clicked, your guests can give you useful information on attendance, dietary requirements and plus-ones.
  • 3. Send Them out!
    Once you’ve finished designing your template, you’ll receive a high-resolution jpg of your personalised design. Send this out to all your invitees in seconds using WhatsApp or text message. (We have some top tips below for inviting guests to an event with WhatsApp).


Stay on top of your guestlist with our free response service. You can use this feature to give your invitees further information about the event (no one likes a cluttered invite!). Furthermore, you can use it to get information from your friends and family: attendance, dietary requirements, plus ones and contact information. Whether you’re organising a christening, wedding or funeral, by sending out an RSVP link with your WhatsApp invitation, you’ll have all the guest information you need at your fingertips.

Online wedding invitation and digital RSVP service displaying wedding details
Digital RSVP service for a wedding


Our digital stationery makes sending out invites or announcing big news simple. Send out your digital invitation or announcement with your smartphone in the exact same way you would share a photo. Just open the smartphone messenger service you prefer, select the friends and family you’d like to contact, and hit send. For those of you sending out RSVP links as well, simple copy/paste your link and send out after your invitation or announcement.

Our templates work on WhatsApp, iMessage, with SMS and with most social media messengers (Instagram and Facebook in particular). In other words, any messenger service you use to send photos and messages can be used to send out our smartphone invite templates.

TOP TIP: WhatsApp Broadcast List:

3-panel guide demonstrating how to send digital invite using WhatsApp's broadcast list

WhatsApp's Broadcast List feature is the best way to send out your digital invitations and announcements. For example, let’s assume you’re organising a wedding. By using WhatsApp’s Broadcast List, all you have to do is add the people you’d like to invite to your wedding, copy in your WhatsApp wedding invitation template, and click send. WhatsApp will then send your invite to all those people on an individual basis. This means you don’t have to go to each guest individually and copy in your wedding invitation each time. It is by far-and-away the easiest way to invite guests to a wedding, christening or funeral.