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The Importance of Thank You Notes

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The Importance of Thank You Notes Utterly Printable

Writing has become something of a lost art. Everything is done by emails or text and they bring with them a sense of informality. It’s all a little bit impersonal. The instantaneous nature of modern communications has taken away some of the meaning that we convey when we take the time to write a thank you note and send it in person.

Many people as children remember being forced to write thank you notes after Christmases and birthdays and hating their parents for making them do so, but they had a point! Saying thank you is an etiquette that we should not lose touch with, and thank you notes are so much nicer in so many ways. Here are some reasons we think thank you notes are so important.

Because You Are Grateful

Classic wedding thank you card

Classic wedding thank you card

Expressing gratitude is actually very good for your own mental health and well-being. Taking the time to sit down in front of a pile of blank wedding thank you cards and acknowledge that someone has done something kind is important. Stopping, pulling out some beautiful thank you cards and carefully putting pen to paper will mean so much to the receiver, but it will also help you feel more at peace.

Because You Were Given a Gift

Handing over a gift

Even if you saw the person, and they handed you the gift in person, it is nice to say thank you via a note. Maybe you have recently got married, had your baby christened, or you’re writing a thank you card for baby gifts. It doesn’t matter what the event was, whether you were actually in the room and said thanks to the person at the time. Your friend or loved one took the time to carefully select a present, wrapped it up and came to your event. In return, it is a lovely thing to write them a thank you note to flesh out your gratitude.

Because Someone Helped You

We don’t just have to say thank you because we are given a present. Maybe someone walked your dog while you were stuck in bed with a particularly nasty virus. Maybe your friend has been picking the kids up from school because you have car trouble. It’s likely that you would’ve said thank you at the time. Once more, the rattle of the letterbox and a beautiful note dropping on your door means so much, and we are sure your friend deserves that. For sending you thank for random events, we can’t recommend highly enough our collection of personalised correspondence cards. We think it’s always worth having a set to hand.

Personalised notecard printing

Personalised notecard printing

Because You Care

Sometimes it is nice to just send a thank you note to someone. Because they are a good friend, because they care for you, just because you want them to know that they are special and loved. Thank you for being my friend, thank you for being you. Thank you notes don’t have to come at any particular time at all, just because you wake up and the sun is shining. There is certainly no wrong time to send a thank you note, and we can’t imagine many people who would not be delighted to get one. So, bag yourself some fabulous new thank you cards and get writing.

Affordable christening thank you card

Affordable christening thank you card

We love thank you cards and we’re pride ourselves on our thank you card printing. In particular, we have a very elegant range of funeral thank you cards, as well as cute thank you cards for after a christening. Check them out!