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frequently asked questions

How does the AI Wedding Invitation Creator work?

Our AI Wedding Invitation Creator utilises advanced algorithms to transform your ideas into elegant wedding invitations. Choose your preferred layout, enter personal elements like icons or floral wreaths, and the AI will generate a unique design for you.

What invitation layouts are available?

There are three layouts to choose from: a design with a patterned border and central text box, a simple layout focusing on an icon, and a design centred around a floral wreath. Each layout offers a unique way to express your personal style.

Any tips for getting the best results?

For optimal results, keep your inputs clear and concise. The AI interprets straightforward, simple inputs more effectively, leading to more refined designs. Remember, simplicity often enhances elegance and clarity.

What happens after I create my initial design?

After creating your initial design, you can upscale it to print quality and refine it further in our designer. Here, you can add text boxes, choose wording styles, and make final adjustments to perfect your invitation.

Can I save my design?

Yes, you can save your designs to your Utterly Printable account. This feature allows you to edit and refine your designs at a later stage.

Is an Utterly Printable account required for upscaling?

Yes, an Utterly Printable account is necessary to upscale your design. This process ensures that your invitation is ready for high-quality printing and personalisation.

Is this a beta feature?

Yes, our AI-powered invitation creator is in beta. While AI technology is rapidly advancing, it may not deliver perfect results every time. This feature is a glimpse into the future of design technology in our industry, and we hope you enjoy using it.

What happens once I have finalised my design?

After finalising your design, you can use our professional, premium wedding invitation printing service (available in the U.K. only). We pride ourselves on producing the finest wedding invitations and hope you'll take advantage of our printing service. Alternatively, your design can be purchased as a print-ready PDF, available worldwide!