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The Classic British Wedding: Order of the Day

It’s your wedding and it can take an format that you want it to. However, there is something quite nice about sticking with the classic British wedding traditions. If you are looking for a running order that is tried and tested, then this run-through the classic British wedding schedule is a good place to start. […]

Life Skills: 3 Top Tips to Writing the Perfect Thank You Note

If you’ve recently got married, had a christening or other large event and people attended, you really should thank them for their time. You could just send a quick text, but we always think that heartfelt, professionally printed thank you card adds that super special touch. Bigger events like weddings have been months in the […]

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Generally speaking, weddings are expensive. Most people will only spend more than the cost of their wedding on buying a house. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and people manage a very gorgeous budget wedding. But the average costs are high. To find out exactly how much it costs we turned to our […]

Do I Have to Send Out a Save the Date for my Wedding?

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’, you do not have to send out a personalised save the date card when planning your wedding. However, there are lots of reasons why people do, so let’s have a look at the topic in more depth and see why they have become so popular. What is […]

Creating Invitations with Your Own Photos

Creating invitations to big events is always fun. You get to take a particular type of social event, put your own twist into it, and then send out wonderful invitations for people to pour themselves over. There are a lot of different ways that you can do this, and one of these ways is incorporating […]

Are Save the Dates the Same as Wedding Invitations?

Wedding save the date cards are fairly new to the UK market, they are a tradition from America, but have become popular here. To clear up the confusion from the get-go, Save the Date cards and wedding invitations are two completely different pieces of wedding stationery. Look at it this way, a wedding invitation is […]

An Army of Wedding Photographers: How to Get Great Snaps in From Guests

Professional photography is expensive; however, it may well be an expense you want to pay to have at your wedding. Great photos from your big day always look stunning when it comes to your wedding thank you card printing. But remember that almost every person attending will have a phone with them and almost all […]

12 Great Quotes to Include in Your Wedding Order of Service

When you get married your wedding order of service booklet is a reflection of who you are as a couple. For some people it’s all about humour, some are romantic, and others are seen as inspirational and motivational. Including some quotes in your wedding order of service is a lovely thing to do and with […]

8 Lovely Messages to Write in Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and that includes your wedding day. It is likely you have the honeymoon to look forward to, but when you return it is time to thank people for coming, and for the wonderful gifts they blessed you with. So, it’s time to get yourself some personalised […]

8 Charming Quotes to Put on Your Wedding Invitations

Your printed wedding stationery has to be perfect. We know how important everything about your big day is. By the time you’ve reached the stage of designing a wedding invitation online, you would have chosen a theme, a colour scheme, and have a good idea of what your big day is going to look like. […]