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Your Traditional Wedding Ceremony in 9 Steps

Words by Utterly Printable

Your Traditional Wedding Ceremony in 9 Steps Utterly Printable

The traditional wedding ceremony is something which has been in place for many years. It is a time-honoured tradition, and it can be broken down and summarised in nine easy steps. Let’s take a look at those together, so you know what to do when it comes to your big day.

The Processional

The first step in the process is the processional. This is where your family members, guests, and everybody else sits down and gets ready. All of the important people, like the parents, the best man, the ring bearers, the flower girl, and then eventually the bride herself will arrive.

The Words of Welcome

Step two is the words of welcome. This is where the officiant, the priest, person marrying you, whoever it is- will stand and say a few words. They will welcome people to the venue, outline what they’re going to be doing today, and then the ceremony can get underway.

Opening Remarks

Wedding ceremonies will usually begin with opening remarks. This is where the officiant or priest will talk a little bit about marriages, the sanctity of them, how they represent eternal love and happiness.

Readings (Usually of Religious Texts)

White dome in a cathedralAt a lot of traditional weddings, there will be readings. Sometimes these are of religious texts, and sometimes friends and loved ones will be asked to come up and read a few words. This can vary wildly between each couple.

Exchanging of Vows

With the readings finished, the marriage ceremony gets down to the important bit. The exchanging of the vows is where you pledge to love, protect, hold, and worship someone from now until the day they die. It’s a very touching moment.

Kissing Time

Now that you have exchanged your vows, you will be pronounced man and wife, and then you can kiss each other. This of course should not be a hot and heavy kiss, more a loving, tender one. Stand by for lots of cheering!

Optional Unity Ceremony

The optional unity ceremony is a nice thing where people who have just gotten married will do something together for the very first time, like for example cutting a ribbon or signing something. It’s not necessary for the process, but a lot of couples choose to do it anyway.

Final Blessings

If your traditional wedding is to be a religious one, then this is the point at which the officiant will say a final prayer for you as a couple, and will invite the rest of your guests to join the blessing. It’s usually something to celebrate your life, wish you the best, and ensure that you have a long and happy marriage together.

The Recessional

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When you both walked down the middle of the room to get married, you did it as two separate people. Now, you get to walk back out the room together as a married couple. This is also where people tend to throw rice or confetti. Make sure your wedding photographer is ready for this moment as these pictures, in our opinion, often look best on your photo wedding thank you cards.

Bold and modern wedding invitation

Bold and modern wedding invitation design

So, that’s it! That’s how weddings are done traditionally. It’s a lovely, beautiful affair, and one which you will no doubt explore for yourself one day! And when it comes to organising your very own classic wedding, we have a beautiful range of traditional wedding invite designs for you to choose from. They are simple to personalise online and surprisingly affordable to have printed.

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Blue floral wedding order of service booklet

For you very own classic ceremony, you will of course need an order of service wedding booklet. We have a great range of 8-page, 12-page and 16-page booklets read for you to design online. Happy shopping!