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6 Summer Wedding Invitations We Know You’ll Love

Words by Utterly Printable

6 Summer Wedding Invitations We Know You’ll Love Utterly Printable

You’ve found the perfect location, set the date, and decided on a thousand little details. Now it’s time to let everyone know!

There is a reason that the summer months are referred to as the ‘wedding season’ and that’s because it’s the most popular time of year for couples to tie the knot. Most people dream of a wedding day with gorgeous blue skies, sipping champagne or cocktails outside under a warm sun and partying the night away under a clear starry sky. Whilst this is never guaranteed, especially in the UK, your odds are best during the heights of summer.

To go with what we hope is a warm sunny wedding day for you, we have designed a selection of summery wedding invitations to match the aspiration of your big day. Whether that’s through bright joyful colours, the use of seasonal blooms or simply an invitation that evokes the feeling of the warm sun on your skin, we’re sure that we have the perfect wedding invite for you.

Below we have included a selection of our favourite wedding invitations for summer weddings to give you some inspiration so when it comes to choosing your own you know what you’re looking for.

Summer wreath portrait

Summer Wedding Invite called "Summer Wreath Portrait"

Summer Wedding Invite called “Summer Wreath Portrait

This stunning floral wedding invitation design is a favourite of ours for obvious reason. The soft pink roses give it a distinctly summery vibe and coupled with the green flora, your guests will be expecting a day filled with beautiful floral arrangements and an abundance of greenery. If you’re looking for an elegant wedding invitation for your summer wedding and are including soft pinks and greens in your colour palette, then this is the perfect invitation for you.

Daisy yellow

Personalised Summer Wedding Invite called "Daisy Yellow"

Personalised Summer Wedding Invite called “Daisy Yellow

If daisy yellow isn’t the colour of summer, then we don’t know what is. This otherwise simple and traditional invitation with beautiful typography is brought to life by its divine yellow border. This invitation walks the line perfectly between classic and contemporary and it’s likely that your guests won’t have received anything similar before. Whether you’re planning a seaside wedding or something in the city this invitation will leave your guests picturing a beautiful summers day with stunning colours and a gin and tonic in hand. So, if you’re looking for a fun and modern wedding invitation design that truly exudes the summer vibe, then this is the perfect invitation for you.

Botanical pop

Summer Wedding Invite called "Botanical Pop"

Summer Wedding Invite called “Botanical Pop

This wedding invitation merges the popular floral design with abstract form, and bright and bold summery colours. It is fun and dynamic and will look amazing on your guests pinboard amongst a sea of plain white invitations. There is no doubting that this invitation evokes a sense of summer with its use of seasonal summery blooms. It is perfect for the couple who are planning to use similarly bright colours in their colour scheme. So, if you’re dressing your bridesmaids in bold colours and planning a day filled with colour explosions then this is the invitation for you.

Full summer wreath

Summer Wedding Invite called "Full Summer Wreath"

Summer Wedding Invite called “Full Summer Wreath

Look no further then this classic summer wedding invitation. A beautiful painted floral wreath in yellow and green hues makes this the perfect wedding invitation for anyone planning a quintessentially British summers wedding. Whether you’re planning a day in a historical English manor, your own back garden, or in the middle of nowhere, your guests will be expecting beautiful green scenery and delicate summer blooms. Even if the heavens turn, we know that with this wedding stationery design suite the day will be filled with romance, love and laughter so what does a little bit of rain really matter.

Pineapples falling

Summer Wedding Invite called "Pineapples falling"

Summer Wedding Invite called “Pineapples falling

Nothing says ‘a tropical wedding’ better than pineapples, so if you’re planning to escape to white sand beaches and clear turquoise seas for your big day then this is the best wedding invitation design for you. Your guests won’t be able to say ‘no’ once they’ve seen this invitation and envisioned themselves on a deserted beach sipping on a pina colada. So, get ready to pack your bags and don’t forget the sunscreen, because this invitation means you’re jetting off to a once in a lifetime destination…or you just really love pineapples.

Purple lupine

Summer Wedding Invite called "Purple Lupine"

Summer Wedding Invite called “Purple Lupine

This lupine inspired invitation is perfect for an early summers wedding and for those couples who embody what it symbolises, happiness, creativity, and imagination. So, if you’re hoping for a day filled with laughter and joy and plenty of personal touches and DIY deco then this is the perfect invitation for you. The soft delicate purple flowering gives the invitation a romantic and whimsical feel whilst the deep purple colour makes it unique for a summers wedding invitation. It will also look stunning on your mantel piece once it’s framed alongside the rest of your premium wedding stationery as the perfect memento from a perfect day.

If none of these summer inspired wedding invitations quite match your vibe then don’t hesitate to have a look through our full wedding invitation collection.