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8 of the Best Watercolour Invitations you Need to Know About

Words by Utterly Printable

8 of the Best Watercolour Invitations you Need to Know About Utterly Printable

If you’re looking to add an artistic touch to your wedding day, then look no further than a watercolour wedding invitations. Watercolour wedding invitations come in all patterns and prints, so whether you’re looking for a traditional floral wedding invite or an invitation with dramatic contemporary colours, you can find it done in watercolour. The softer and more abstract brush strokes automatically give these invitations a romantic and whimsical feeling. Depending on what colour and tone you choose they can be used for a wedding in any season.

We’ve picked out a selection of our favourite watercolour invitations to give you some inspiration:

Street lights

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "STREET LIGHTS"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “STREET LIGHTS

If you’re looking for a vibrant and colourful wedding invitation that could be used in any season, then look no further then this gorgeous multicoloured design. As part of our collection of modern wedding invitation designs, your guests will happily display this piece of art on their pinboard. If you’re planning a contemporary city wedding or an exotic destination do then this could be the perfect invitation for you.

Water garden

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Water Garden"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Water Garden

This bright and beautiful abstract floral wedding invitation is perfect for a spring or summer wedding. It has you envisaging a warm blue sky, bright floral arrangements, and plenty of Pimm’s. It is unique and breath-taking and stands out against the traditional plain wedding invitation and the popular floral wreaths. If you’re an artistic couple who love bold colours and patterns and don’t follow the crowd then this is the perfect invitation for your big day, your guests will know to expect big things and with your artistic eye I’m sure you won’t disappoint.

Mint night garden

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Mint Night Garden"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Mint Night Garden

This jaw dropping watercolour floral wedding invitation is perfect for both cold and warm weather weddings. Mint green is often associated with summer whereas the darker undertones ensure it is also appropriate for a winter wedding or as a gorgeous evening invitation. Follow through with this design for the rest of your personalised wedding stationery. You will find that you need less décor as the custom menu cards become centrepieces on the tables and the wedding order of service booklets add splashes of colour to the room. Make sure to order a couple of extras because you will definitely want to frame and display this piece of art as a gorgeous memento of a wonderful day.

Thin watercolour wreath

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Thin Watercolour Wreath"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Thin Watercolour Wreath

Not all watercolour wedding invitations need to be bright and bold, if you prefer a more understated and elegant wedding invitation design then look no further than a gorgeous floral wreath. This is perfect for a country-chic day where there will be an abundance of elegant floral arrangements and pastel colours. To really tie the day together, choose an invitation with flora which you will be using on the day and make sure to continue the design through to the wedding menus, order of service booklets, and order of the day cards. This floral design will leave your guests expecting a day of romance, soft beautiful colours, and nature so if that is the vibe you’re looking for then this is perfect for you.

Neon florals

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Neon Florals"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Neon Florals

The bright purple strokes really bring this wedding invitation to life. The design has a floral feeling but remains abstract and impressionistic. We think it’s perfect for the creative couple who aren’t afraid of bright colours or patterns, and it will encourage your guests to dress in similarly bright and bold wedding attire. So, if you’re hoping for a day filled with love, colour and fun then look no further then this unique wedding invitation. To make your day truly distinctive, try to match the bridesmaids or groomsmen with one of the colours found in this wedding stationery set.

Rustic green

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Rustic Green"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Rustic Green

If your theme is romantic and country chic but you don’t want to use the ever-popular floral patterns, then this is the perfect watercolour invitation for you. As part of our vintage wedding invitation collection, the soft green watercolour design gives this invitation a truly rustic vibe. Your guests will be expecting a day filled with natural tones, soft seasonal flowers and true romance. The pastel green colour of the wedding invitation will match most colour schemes and will be even more perfect for those who are planning to involve a rustic green hue as part of the bridesmaids’ or groomsmens’ attire.

Abstract colours

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Abstract Colours"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Abstract Colours

This bright wedding invitation design is perfect for a late summer or autumn wedding when the world is filled with orange and yellow hues. The dash of light blue however also makes it suitable for a spring wedding when the bluebells and crocuses have flowered, and the sky has finally changed from winter grey to fresh light blue. No matter what season your big day is planned for, this modern wedding invitation design ensures that guests will be expecting a day filled with colour and excitement.

Modern bouquet

Watercolour Wedding Invite called "Modern bouquet"

Watercolour Wedding Invite called “Modern bouquet

We love this modern take on the popular floral wedding invite design, which uses brighter colours and a more abstract design. It still screams romance and love but the pink and yellow give it a brighter and more interesting feel then the simpler more traditional floral designs. It is unique without being outrageous and will leave your guests guessing whether your day will be filled with more modern and artsy touches like your invitation. The soft pink-purple colour gives it a feminine feel without being overly ‘girly’ and will match with most colour schemes whether that’s navy blue and off white, or deep purple and blush pink.