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The Real Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Save the Date Cards

Words by Utterly Printable

The Real Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Save the Date Cards Utterly Printable

A save the date wedding card is a bit like a pre-invitation. In essence, it lets people know what date you will be getting married, and that they are going to be invited to join the celebrations. Here are some things you should know about your save the date etiquette.

Do you have to send out Save the Date cards?

Beautiful save the date card for a wedding

Beautiful save the date card for a wedding

No, not at all. A save the date card is a relatively new tradition, and they do not have to be sent. But if you are having a destination wedding, or a three-day weekend wedding it is good manners to give people an early warning. If you are marrying during the holiday times, like the bank holiday weekends in the summer and you happen to be in a tourist destination, things can get really busy. So, giving your guests a heads up is good manners and also means you are likely to get more of the people you actually want to be there. This warning gives some time to make arrangements for travel, book hotels, and take care of other domestic arrangements. And if you are planning a destination wedding, we recommend checking out our range of modern save the date designs. They are bright and bold like all good destination weddings.

Who do you send Save the Dates to?

If you’re sending save the date cards you send them to everybody that you want to attend your big day. It is considered particularly good form to send them to people you may have already discussed things with, like your bridesmaids, parents, and siblings. But remember if you send a save the date card you must follow it up with a wedding day invitation so be sure that you want everyone invited! Many people opt to have a theme running through their save the date card and into their wedding invitations. If that’s something you’d like to do then we recommend starting with our floral save the date cards, as they are often echoed with a matching floral wedding invitation design.

What Do You Say on a Save the Date Card?

It’s perfectly acceptable to have very vague information on the save the date card. No one is expecting you to have all the details set in stone. Obviously, you want the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, the rough location (this can be as vague as just a town if you don’t know the venue yet) and finally a notice that their formal wedding invitation will follow soon. So really, you could be left with quite a lot of space on the card. If that’s the case, we fully recommend checking out our collection of photo save the date cards. Perfect for holding a lovely photo of you and your partner.

Do I send and RSVP card with a Save the Date?

Simple RSVP card for a wedding

Simple RSVP card for a wedding

Basically no, there is no need to send out a wedding response card with your save the date. We understand that it would be easier if you had an idea of who was coming, but because it’s so far away people are often put off replying. So just leave it open as an information card and nothing more. However, if your wedding plans hinges on knowing early on how many people will be coming, you should take a look at our new wedding save the dates for WhatsApp. These digital save the dates come with a free RSVP link which can be sent out electronically along with your template. They form part of our wider digital invitation collection.

What About Plus One’s?

This is a good time to get over the awkward conversation about who is actually invited. So yes, if you are allowing a guest to bring someone with them but you don’t know the name of that person simply write their name plus guest. If you want children included write their names on the card as well. If not, be clear that you have taken the decision not to have children at the event. This means they have plenty of time to sort out childcare should they need it.

Finally, When Do You Send out Save the Date Cards?

Most save the date cards will be sent about six months in advance of the big day. If you’re having a destination wedding and are expecting people to book flights and travel, then you need to give them a bit more notice and 8 to 12 months is more reasonable.

Good luck with the wedmin!