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We Recommend: The 5 Best Wedding Lists Available Right Now

Words by Utterly Printable

We Recommend: The 5 Best Wedding Lists Available Right Now Utterly Printable

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you are going to do. You might well have your beautiful wedding invitations sorted, but what is important is that you grab hold of any stress saving tips and tricks and use them to minimise the impact on your mental health. Wedding gift lists are awesome, it means you can offer your guests a selection of things that you actually want to receive. Whether you were hoping to receive cash donations towards your honeymoon, make donations to charity or nab a few awesome extras for your home: these are five companies that can make your life a little bit easier.

We Recommend: The 5 Best Wedding Lists Available Right Now Utterly Printable1. Amazon Wish List

Good old Amazon, everything and anything is available. Doesn’t matter what you need, you can find it on Amazon. It’s also a service that most people are familiar with shopping on, and it’s a name that is generally trusted so people are confident that they will get what they order.

2. Prezola

This is a well-known wedding gift list, so if you want something slightly more event centred than just a good old Amazon gift list this might be the way to go. They boast over 50,000 different gifts that they have hand-picked, by their team of amazing interior designers. To be fair the service has won many awards, and gifts they have on offer are so awesome. It also enables you to choose other options too, so you can ask for a selection of gifts and then you can add things like charity donations and cash contributions if you want to vary the list a little bit.

3. The Wedding Shop

Well it certainly can be any clearer as to what they offer, The Wedding Shop has been voted the best gift list service by the UK Wedding Awards. You can either browse online to build your wedding list or visit one of the five showrooms where you will be assigned a gorgeous gift guru to help you on your journey. Again, you can add contributions to your honeymoon, charge donations and more as well as your chosen gifts.

4. Buy Our Honeymoon

So, what happens if you don’t actually want anything physical. No toasters, no kettles, no towels. Well, Buy Our Honeymoon is the perfect solution. It is made clear for the shoppers that they are contributing to your dream destination. You don’t have to finalise your honeymoon plans; you can look at it as an online savings account.

5. Patchwork

This is more about the one dream item. A vintage campervan, the honeymoon, something you really want. Again, your friends and family can contribute, and it is a really nicely organised service, which is easy to use and will help to take away the awkwardness of friends and family trying to decide what to buy.

Remember with many of the services there is a charge to use their facilities, and of course it is not mandatory by any means there are plenty of ways of organising your own gift list if you prefer.

Wedding thank you card with full page photo

A wedding thank you card with a full page photo

And what should you do once you’ve taken delivery of all you lovely gifts and contributions? Engage in a little wedding thank you card printing of course! We here at Utterly Printable have a range of wedding thank you cards that we’re particularly proud of. They come in all shapes and sizes and on a 2 superb card stocks. Keep an eye out for the wedding thank you cards with photos in particular!