Design & Print For Important Days


House Stock Card

Once you have finished customising your template on our website, you will get to choose from the printing options we offer. For all of our flat invitations and announcements, we offer 3 premium paper stocks for you to print on, one of which is our House Stock. Going into more detail, our House Stock is a 350GSM card stock made by Genyous. It is brilliant white and has a solid matt/uncoated finish. It also works incredibly well with our digital printer (HP Indigo 10,000) so the colour replication from what you see on screen is second to none. Finally, and equally importantly, our 350GSM House Stock represents excellent value for money. So if you’re looking for some premium but cheap wedding invitations, or affordable save the dates, this is the option for you.

We also offer our photo wedding thank you cards, and other folded items on our 350GSM house stock.

HP Indigo 10,000

Professional stationery printing is at the core of what we do as a company. And because we want to deliver our customers the best product, we only use the best equipment. In printing terms, this means the HP Indigo 10,000. The HP Indigo 10,000 prints up to seven colours and is capable of printing up to 3,450 B2-format sheets per hour. Furthermore, it has been designed to deliver the same quality as lithographic printing, but at a price point that is viable for small print runs. Finally, as an environmentally friendly printer, we particularly appreciate the sustainability features of the Indigo 10,000. In particular, the press utilises energy efficient techniques during operation and consumes less oil per page compares to other Indigo presses.