Design & Print For Important Days


Recycled paper

Recycled paper is made from reprocessed, previously used paper stocks. In other words, no new trees were pulped in order to produce 100% recycled paper. Whilst this sounds like a great idea, we do not actually offer any recycled paper stocks on our website. We have taken the stance that sustainably sourced paper is, on the whole, eco-friendlier than recycled. Whilst recycled paper might not cause any deforestation, the process required to turn the old paper into new requires energy. If the energy used to power the recycling process is coal powered, then the damage to the environment can be considered worse than the felling of a tree from a sustainably managed and well-audited forest. Given that the majority of paper recycling happens in China, and given that China is 70% coal powered, it is our belief that sustainably sourced paper is better for the environment than recycled paper. We must caveat this with the fact that recycled paper can be better for the environment than FSC certified paper, but there is currently little supply chain oversight so there is no guarantee that this is the case.

RSVP Cards

Also known as ‘response cards’, wedding RSVP cards are little cards sent out alongside your wedding invitations and information inserts. They are designed so that guest can post them back to you with information on their attendance and any dietary requirements (always useful for the caterers to know!). For many of the wedding invitation designs on our site, you will find a matching A7 RSVP card. It’s nice when things match!

For those of you using our christening, funeral and wedding invitations via WhatsApp and text message, we have let technology take the place of printed RSVP cards. You can opt to use our free RSVP link service at no extra charge. It allows you to set questions for your guests so you can get all the important information you need to hold a seamless event.

Rustic (Style)

We divide some of our wedding stationery products into different categories, one of which is ‘rustic’. But what are rustic wedding invitations or save the dates? By rustic, we mean rough around the edges, but in a tasteful sort of way. Think cream hues and floral watercolours, perhaps mixed with one of the many handwritten fonts we have on offer. Perfect for a British countryside wedding!