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6 Elegant Quotes to Include in Your Funeral Order of Service

Losing a loved one is sadly an inevitable part of life and something we must all deal with at one time or another. The funeral service is a time for people to come together and remember the life and the impact the person had. While it will be sad, it will also bring comfort and […]

5 Top Tips: How to Write a Formal Letter

It is not actually that often that we have to write a formal letter. Most of our written communication is technology based, and it’s very informal: email, social media, and text messagin all tends to be very chatty and unstructured. We as a company even offer a range of digital invitations and announcements for smartphones…which […]

5 Most Popular Readings at a Funeral Service

The article focuses on the designing of funeral order of service booklets, and what you need to put in them. During the funeral service it is normal for a few people, usually family or friends, to speak. For some, this is to share memories of the deceased. However, not everyone is comfortable using their own […]

5 Mind-Blowing Destination Wedding Venues

Destination weddings have become really popular over the years. And why not, there is nothing particularly predictable about the UK weather. You can book a summer wedding in the middle of July and still get a cold, freezing, rainy day. Beach weddings are the obvious choice that spring to mind for destination weddings, but some […]

5 Great Ideas for Organising a Beach Wedding

We have put this article together because we absolutely adore a proper destination wedding on a beach. You can see this in our range of modern wedding invitation cards, full of bright colours and bold designs. Beyond the wedding stationery printing though, we have some great ideas for how to hold a great beach wedding. […]

5 Graceful Poems to Include in Your Funeral Order of Service

A funeral order of service is often something cherished from what is always a solemn day. It is both a guide for the proceedings and something friends and family like to take away and keep, to remember the final journey of the deceased. It can bring comfort in times of grief and therefore it is […]

5 Beautiful Non-Religious Readings for Humanist Weddings

Is it time you sat down to write your very own wedding ceremony booklet? This article is here to help. Humanist weddings are the perfect alternative to a traditional religious ceremony for those couples who prefer not to have a faith leaning bought into their nuptials. There are some wonderful readings that are non-religious and […]

5 Top Tips for Throwing a Carbon Neutral Wedding

Are you looking to host an environmentally friendly wedding? Well we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on our range of eco-friendly wedding invitations, and sustainably sourced stationery. And the article below if here to help you with some of the other finer details involved in hosting a carbon neutral wedding. Traditionally, weddings are one […]

4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Smartphone Photos

Professional photographers still have a place at events including weddings, but the cost can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, especially if you have 1,000,001 other things to afford. But beautiful wedding photos are the best way of remembering your big  day in the years to come. They look fabulous framed on your wall, and for directly […]

4 Tips on Taking the Best Sunset Selfie

Photos matter. They last a lifetime and, from our perspective, work incredibly well on printed stationery items like wedding thank you cards and save the dates with photos. A sunset is a beautiful and common occurrence. A lot of people create stunning works of art based on the setting of the sun, and taking a […]