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8 Simple Wedding invitations with a Classic Vibe

Words by Utterly Printable

8 Simple Wedding invitations with a Classic Vibe Utterly Printable

If you’re a minimalist at heart, then this is the guide for you.

A simple and elegant wedding invitation suite is often overlooked by couples tying the knot as they are afraid that they will be seen as boring or plain. But here at Utterly Printable, we’re convinced we can change your mind when it comes to setting a sophisticated and graceful tone for your wedding day.

Have a look below to see our 8 favourite simple wedding invitations. They all give off an understated and tasteful vibe. Be prepared to become a minimalist convert if you aren’t already!

Strong and Simple

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Thick White and Blue"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Thick White and Blue

This simple yet bold invitation will catch your guests’ eye as soon as they open the envelope. Available for print on a range of premium card options, there is no doubting that you’re a couple with exquisite taste and they’ll be dying to see what other luxuries you have planned for the big day. Whilst we love the navy blue writing paired with the duck egg blue bordering, you can customise the colours and font as you wish to make sure it truly matches your colour scheme for the day. This simple invite design is called “Thick White and Blue”

Eye-catching borders

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Script switch"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Script switch

These unique and eye-catching invitations demonstrate perfectly a simple yet far from boring invitation. With such a strong border, available in a variety of different colours to match to your colour scheme, you can guarantee that guests won’t miss this design. Our gold invite printed on thick white card lets guests know to expect a glitzy affair whilst the more understated darker colours give off a traditional and elegant vibe. This is the perfect wedding invitation for couples who like a simple yet distinctive design. This simple invite design is called “Script Switch”.

Pink is the new white

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Tradition in Pink"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Tradition in Pink

This divine invitation will catch the eye and heart of any minimalist who also has a love for the subtler shades of pink. The cursive script and simple design will let guests know that you have a traditional and graceful style. Printed on the subtle pink card, this design will tell them to expect lots of beautiful and thoughtful details on the day. These invitations will perfectly complement any bride who is planning on dressing their bridesmaids in blush or rose pink and the colour palette can be seamlessly wrapped through the day. This gorgeous invitation is call “Tradition in Pink”.

Ducks in love

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Two Little Ducks"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Two Little Ducks

This simple yet quirky invitation will be one of a kind on your guest’s pin board amongst a sea of floral wedding invite designs. Perfect for the animal lovers and countryside dwellers, it has character that doesn’t distract from its elegant and tasteful design. The ducks add a lovely splash of colour which brightens the invitation and makes it stand out and the colour can be customised to match your personal taste. This design is called “Two Little Ducks”.

Winter bloom

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Winter Bloom"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Winter Bloom

This gorgeous blue and off-white floral pattern is one of our favourites. It appeals to the couple who is looking for something truly unique yet also gives off an uncomplicated and calming vibe. It is the perfect invitation for those who don’t like excessive frills and who are planning a calm and unpretentious affair centred around having a truly good time. You will want to frame this invitation to show the future grandchildren so make sure you order a couple of spare copies as mementos. This design is called “Winter Bloom”.

With love

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Simply Love"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Simply Love

This simple and traditional wedding invitation stands out from the crowd with its large cursive ‘love’. Its elegant design and black and white colouring makes sure guests know that this will be a classic and formal event but one which will confidently celebrate all things love. If you’re the type of couple who enjoys simplicity and tradition but want your wedding to be personal and full of love, then this is the invitation for you. This invitation template is called “Simply Love”.

Put your heart into it

Simple Wedding Invitation called "What it comes down to"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “What it comes down to

Add a quirky and colourful touch to this simple and traditional design by including a bold red heart to let your guests know that your day will be a celebration of love. Whilst we adore the understated design, if you prefer something a little bolder then have a play around with different colours for the couple’s names to really make this invitation jump out from the pack. Don’t forget to pair the rest of the wedding stationary, including the wedding ceremony booklet and personalised menu cards, with this heart felt design to really make your theme continuous through the day. This invite design is called “What it comes down to”.

Bold is best

Simple Wedding Invitation called "Lines with a thick border"

Simple Wedding Invitation called “Lines with a thick border

When this bold and formal wedding invitation drops through their door your guests won’t be able to ignore it. Written with an eye-catching font and a thick border your guests will be expecting the big day to be just as gregarious as the invitation. So, if you’re planning a party to rival Great Gatsby’s then this is surely the invitation for you.  The border, font and card all come in a range of colours so mix and match your favourites throughout your wedding stationery collection to create a suite that is unique to you but connected in design. This design is called “Lines with a thick border”.

If none of these simple wedding invitation templates quite match what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to have a look through our full collection.