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What Should I Write on My Christening Invitation Card?

For many parents, having your child christened is a wonderful occasion which will be fondly remembered and looked back on for years to come. It’s an opportunity for all your loved ones to welcome your little one into the Christian church as well as marking the start of your baby’s relationship with their chosen godparents […]

Who Do You Invite to a Christening?

Planning a christening is not something that happens very often in life, so when it’s your turn it can be hard to know who you should invite. Generally, it depends on the venue. Your christening is likely to take place in a church and depending on the faith there will be traditions about who can […]

How to Invite People to a Christening

Inviting people to a christening is a joyous affair. You are celebrating new life, and this is always a happy thing to do. That means that you need to get those christening or baptism invitations out, so your loved ones can start getting organised! But how do you do this? How do you successfully invite […]

How Do You Plan a Christening?

When you have a new baby planning anything can seem quite daunting, and then you are asked when you are going to have the baby christened. Just how does one plan a christening? Well thankfully it doesn’t have to be complicated and here’s a few helpful hints to get you started. The Godparents It’s traditional […]

Etiquette: Should I Send Out Formal Christening Invitations?

A christening or baptism is a beautiful day, especially for the parents and godparents. Of course, most children are too young to remember their christening day, but it is nice for them to have things to look back on when they have grown up. Etiquette dictates that you should send out formal christening invitations. Fortunately, […]

11 Brilliant Messages to Write in Your Christening Thank You Cards

After your wonderful christening day, you will be able to sit back and reflect on the love your new baby was shown by friends and family who came and shared the day with you. It is likely you will have been showered with some really generous gifts and a christening thank you card is the […]

7 Charming Quotes to Put on Your Christening Invitations

Not everyone wants a christening or baptism service for their child, but it still remains a truly special day. A more modern twist is a naming day if you prefer to leave any beliefs out of the service. Whether you choose to have the event in a church, garden or village hall there is something […]