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Unique Wedding Present: Personalised Couples’ Stationery

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Unique Wedding Present: Personalised Couples’ Stationery Utterly Printable

What do you buy for the couple who has everything? Wedding presents have got harder over the years as more and more people are choosing to buy a house and live together or rent before getting married. This tends to mean that they have everything they need already. It negates the tradition of people providing basic household appliances as wedding presents. It is almost easier to open the wedding invitation card and find they have asked for cash! But, if they haven’t or you are determined to get them something unique why not consider a set of personalised his and hers stationery?

His and hers desk stationery notecards

His and hers desk stationery notecards

Sending letters may have become something of a dying trend, however we think it’s still something to treasure. Having a set of bespoke stationery cards and envelopes with your significant other is a really nice gift and we have a whole range of different sets for you to choose from. You are guaranteed to be the guest that brings the most popular gift with personalised stationery. Have a look at some of our best couples’ stationery here.

If you are loving the whole personalisation vibe that there are of course a range of other gifts that you can get to complement your stationery and create the perfect present.

A keepsake box is a nice idea, a small desktop box made from wood and engraved with the names of your friends and the date they got married. It’s a great place to store items like jewellery, stationery you’ve just got them or even thank you cards from the wedding. It will look perfect wherever they choose to keep it.

If your friends are a cheesy couple, and we don’t mean that sense of humour we mean people who really enjoyed different cheeses, then why not a personalised cheeseboard. There are various designs on offer perhaps with the initials of the couple centage in the heart and the wedding date underneath.

A hanging wooden sign is another idea, and it could be hung in the hallway as she went to the front door of their family home. A nice tradition is a ‘Mr and Mrs Smith, with ‘established in 2020’ written underneath.

There is such a great choice of personalised gifts on offer, with most items being customisable. Why not add that extra special touch?

Personalised notecard with modern design

Personalised notecard with modern design

We also have blank correspondence cards for men, as well as personalised notecards for women. Perfect for those of you looking for an extra special birthday or Christmas gift.