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8 Beautiful Wedding Invitations for a Spring Wedding

Words by Utterly Printable

8 Beautiful Wedding Invitations for a Spring Wedding Utterly Printable

Over the last few years it has felt that the weather in spring has become almost more reliable than the weather in summer. This, coupled with gorgeous spring blooms and out-of-high season prices has meant that many couples are preferring a spring wedding over a summer one.

Although the weather can be variable, particularly in the UK, the opportunity to get married on a perfect spring day, warm but not too hot, with an abundance of fresh flowers, blossom and freshly cut green grass is too much to pass up. Just make sure you have a wet weather back up plan or a hundred umbrellas.

Below, we have put together a list of our favourite wedding invitation sets which are inspired by and perfect for a spring wedding. Have a look through for some inspiration but if you can’t quite find the perfect invitation for you then take a look through our full wedding invite collection.

Blossom and long leaves

Spring Wedding Invite called "Blossom and Long Leaves"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Blossom and Long Leaves

This pastel coloured, blossom inspired wedding invitation is perfect for a romantic spring wedding. This design has the feel of a classic wedding invitation design with its exquisite lettering, but the beautifully drawn flowers also make sure that it carries a feminine touch. Your guests will guess at a spring wedding date before even reading the details and won’t be surprised to find a day filled with soft pastel colours, beautiful seasonal flowers and romance in the spring air.

Vintage blossom

Spring Wedding Invite called "Vintage Blossom"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Vintage Blossom

If you’re looking for a vintage wedding invitation design that doesn’t use the classic pink and soft blue hues that many spring inspired invitations do, then this is the perfect template for you. Inspired by the abundance of blossom we find across the country in spring but with a vintage twist your guests are unlikely to have received anything like this before. The watercolour blossom is so beautifully drawn it could pass for a piece of art and it will look stunning when framed and displayed in your house as a beautiful memento of your day.

Spring wreath

Spring Wedding Invite called "Spring Wreath"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Spring Wreath

A classic floral wedding invitation template, with a wreath drawn with spring flowers and colours. We think this design makes this the perfect invitation for any couple who are planning a nature inspired spring wedding. With plenty of gorgeous colours and flowers represented within the wreath, it will be easy to match this invitation to your theme and colour scheme. Make sure you follow the design through the rest of your wedding stationery printing, particularly with you custom wedding menu cards as these will look stunning on your tables amongst similar flowers and colours.

Worn tiles

Spring Wedding Invite called "Worn Tiles"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Worn Tiles

Whilst this invitation doesn’t contain the typical blossoms and blooms found on many spring wedding invitations, we think the pastel colours and pattern evoke the spirit of spring all by themselves. So, if you’re looking for an invitation without a floral design then this could be the perfect one for you. Alongside the patterned border, the handwritten inspired initials make this invitation stand out, but it doesn’t give too much away about what vibe you’re planning. Will it be modern? A touch of Vintage? Or traditionally British? Your guests will have to wait for the big day to find out.

Petal avalanche

Spring Wedding Invite called "Petal avalanche"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Petal avalanche

This is not your classic floral wreath spring wedding invitation but, the pink petals certainly give it a spring vibe. Perfect for anyone planning to include a bold pink flower in their floral arrangements and who want a wedding stationery suite a little bit different. It’s bright and vibrant and will catch your guests’ eye whilst letting them know that you won’t be shying away from a bold splash of colour.

My little daisy

Spring Wedding Invite called "My little daisy"

Spring Wedding Invite called “My little daisy

Daisies are a flower of positivity and purity and are gorgeous in their simplicity just like this elegant wedding invitation. They bloom in late spring and are found on every continent except Antarctica. They are a wonderful symbol to associate with your wedding day. They inspire joy and hope in everyone from young children to the elderly and can be beautifully incorporated into the bridal bouquet and table arrangements (matching, personalised place cards anyone?). We have a variety of different colours for both the invitation wording and card so no matter what your colour scheme is, we are sure you will find one to match. Consider this design if you have traditional and elegant tastes but are looking for something with a deeper meaning.

Impression of blossom

Spring Wedding Invite called "Impression of Blossom"

Spring Wedding Invite called “Impression of Blossom

Another invitation inspired by the spring-time blossom but this time in a beautiful watercolour design with vibrant pinks, purples and blues. This invitation is bright and lively and far from boring. It gives the impression to your guests that you are planning a romantic day with modern aspects, whether that’s an outdoor ceremony, a reception in a greenhouse or unique entertainment, the details are entirely up to you.

A side of blossom

Spring Wedding Invite called "A side of Blossom"

Spring Wedding Invite called “A side of Blossom

This classic wedding invitation template is brought to life with the sprig of pink blossom at the top. If you’re planning a traditional black-tie extravaganza in the spring, then this is the perfect invitation for you. Your guests will know to get their best frocks and dancing shoes ready and will be looking forward to an elegant evening of celebration and champagne. The beautiful blossom motif should be carried through all your wedding stationery to really tie your day together. Consider asking your florist to feature sprigs of blossom in your floral arrangements to complete the look.

We here at Utterly Printable, we pride ourselves on offering truly affordable wedding invitations online. But don’t let the price misguide you. Despite our low prices, we still offer an incredibly premium print service. We use cutting edge printers and offer a range of premium card stocks for our stationery. And we do all this whilst striving to be the most eco-friendly wedding invitation printers around. We hope you enjoy the service!