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What is a Wedding Save the Date Card?

Sending a Save the Date Card for a Wedding: When and who? You’ve got the engagement ring on your finger, the deposit down on your dream location and a countdown on your phone. Now it’s time to give your nearest and dearest a heads up so they can clear their calendars. Typically, personalised save the […]

What are Wedding Save the Date Cards?

As with all things, wedding traditions change over time, and personalised save the dates have become incredibly popular over the last few years. They are thought to have originate in the United States and are basically used to give your future wedding guests advanced warning of when it is you plan to get married. Simple. […]

When Should I Send Out Save the Date Cards for my Wedding?

As you may expect there is a proper etiquette to sending out traditional wedding stationery. When it comes to timings you need to be clued in as to when to send out your save the date designs. What is the Timeline? Depending on a few criteria, save the date cards need to be sent out […]

The Real Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Save the Date Cards

A save the date wedding card is a bit like a pre-invitation. In essence, it lets people know what date you will be getting married, and that they are going to be invited to join the celebrations. Here are some things you should know about your save the date etiquette. Do you have to send […]

Do I Have to Send Out a Save the Date for my Wedding?

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’, you do not have to send out a personalised save the date card when planning your wedding. However, there are lots of reasons why people do, so let’s have a look at the topic in more depth and see why they have become so popular. What is […]

Are Save the Dates the Same as Wedding Invitations?

Wedding save the date cards are fairly new to the UK market, they are a tradition from America, but have become popular here. To clear up the confusion from the get-go, Save the Date cards and wedding invitations are two completely different pieces of wedding stationery. Look at it this way, a wedding invitation is […]

14 Charming Quotes to Put on Your Wedding Save the Dates

A personalised Save the Date card is a newer wedding tradition that originated in the States and has become super popular here in the UK…mainly because it’s so very useful! Sent out much earlier than your custom wedding invitations, you are basically firing a delightful warning shot to your loved ones to give them advanced […]