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Who Do You Invite to a Christening?

Planning a christening is not something that happens very often in life, so when it’s your turn it can be hard to know who you should invite. Generally, it depends on the venue. Your christening is likely to take place in a church and depending on the faith there will be traditions about who can […]

When Should I Send Out Save the Date Cards for my Wedding?

As you may expect there is a proper etiquette to sending out traditional wedding stationery. When it comes to timings you need to be clued in as to when to send out your save the date designs. What is the Timeline? Depending on a few criteria, save the date cards need to be sent out […]

What are Wedding Save the Date Cards?

As with all things, wedding traditions change over time, and personalised save the dates have become incredibly popular over the last few years. They are thought to have originate in the United States and are basically used to give your future wedding guests advanced warning of when it is you plan to get married. Simple. […]

What is a Wedding Info Sheet?

Also known as a wedding insert card, a wedding information sheet contains all the information that you didn’t want to clutter the invite with. There are various things you want to convey to your guests, but the classic wedding invitation design itself should be kept to the basic details. You want to avoid things getting […]

Unique Wedding Present: Personalised Couples’ Stationery

What do you buy for the couple who has everything? Wedding presents have got harder over the years as more and more people are choosing to buy a house and live together or rent before getting married. This tends to mean that they have everything they need already. It negates the tradition of people providing […]

Unique Christmas Presents: Why Not Give Personalised Note Cards?

Knowing what to get people for Christmas can be really tricky. It’s hard to get the balance right sometimes, and most adults already have anything they could possibly want. If you’re looking to get someone a thoughtful gift Christmas, one that they will actually appreciate (it’s only natural), then why not consider some personalised notecards? […]

Top 10 Funeral Songs of All Time

Knowing what music to play at a funeral can be really tricky, and it ranges from the very traditional to the fittingly inappropriate. When it comes to putting music selections in a funeral order of service booklet, it really is very much down to the personality and relationships that the deceased had, and who he […]

The Real Deal: Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Save the Date Cards

A save the date wedding card is a bit like a pre-invitation. In essence, it lets people know what date you will be getting married, and that they are going to be invited to join the celebrations. Here are some things you should know about your save the date etiquette. Do you have to send […]

The Importance of Thank You Notes

Writing has become something of a lost art. Everything is done by emails or text and they bring with them a sense of informality. It’s all a little bit impersonal. The instantaneous nature of modern communications has taken away some of the meaning that we convey when we take the time to write a thank […]

The Classic British Wedding: Order of the Day

It’s your wedding and it can take an format that you want it to. However, there is something quite nice about sticking with the classic British wedding traditions. If you are looking for a running order that is tried and tested, then this run-through the classic British wedding schedule is a good place to start. […]